Spam VS Promotion | The Common Misconception

Let’s talk about spam.

You go home and sift through today’s mail (actual mail, from the mailbox outside your house, that the mailman delivers). You get a few bills, a birthday card from grandma (hopefully with $5 in it), and a bunch of junk mail. You know what junk mail is. I mean, how many people really win a million dollars in a sweepstakes that they never actually entered? You toss the junk mail in the garbage – possibly with the bills – then put grandma’s card on the shelf.

It’s annoying, but you train yourself to discard the junk. You expect a certain amount of this type of mail, so it’s not a surprise. You learn to spot it, so you don’t waste your time opening it.

That pretty much sums up the effectiveness of the mass emails you send promoting your music.

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