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We are now in the age of the “music-preneur,” where you are your own boss and you run your music career like you would run your own start-up company. If you’re willing to put in the work, this is an amazing opportunity. After all, who else should be in charge of your music career but you? 

At Exclusive Public, we work hands-on with indie artists, managers, and labels – helping them grow an organic fan base, and build strong relationships with their audience. Taking a different approach to public relations and marketing, we focus on the foundation first, and then strategically and organically build off of the following that you already have. At Exclusive Public, artist development and public relations collide to mold artists into the best they can be, while simultaneously strengthening their brand and growing their fan base.

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“The music industry has changed, therefore your strategy must change with it.”

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Grow Your Fanbase

PR Campaign

PR campaigns are the backbone to every successful music release. We provide custom campaigns to promote your new single, album, EP, or mixtape, based on your specific goals and catered to your budget. We get people talking and help you build solid relationships with your fans. Campaigns offered on a case-by-case basis.

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When it comes to getting your music and brand to a wider audience, preparation is half the battle. The more prepared you are, the better results you’ll get. That’s why before we move forward with a full PR campaign, we like to make sure that you have the basics down. From designing your marketing materials to spicing up your bio and making sure you have the day-to-day marketing duties of an artist down pat, we’ll make sure you’re prepared.

Build Your Foundation

Digital Branding and Design

The visuals that are associated with your brand and music play a huge part in how you are perceived by your audience. From logos to website design and merch design, to event flyers and social media graphics, we offer a variety of design services to make sure that you’re making the best first impression.

Spice Up Your Look

Strategy and Coaching

We evaluate your current situation and then work hands on with you to create a strategy to help you reach your goals. From release rollouts to hourly coaching sessions, we can give you the clarity you need to take things to another level.

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“Brianna DeMayo (founder of Exclusive Public) is an integral part to building your career and a great foundation on which to build. She “gets it” in an industry where most do not.” – Wendy Day (@rapcoalition)

“I can go on for hours about how good Breezy (of Exclusive Public) is but if you’re serious about your career and you want to take it to the next level, Exclusive Public is who you want to work with. ” – Phenom (@phenomenalraps)

“I thank you very much for everything, it’s been worth every penny and then some!” – Kuul (@KuulYork)

“Your evaluation of our brand was one of the best things that has happened for us and we would love to continue to work with you.” – Peoti Visions

“I already had the musical talent and the business sense but Exclusive Public really helped me to connect the two. After working with Breezy I was able to apply that knowledge to market my product more effectively. She improved my website, educated me on the power of mailing lists, and gave me a true plug-and-play outline to strategically build excitement about my music to engage and acquire more fans. The free advice she gives on social media was enough to sell me, but becoming a client was a worthy return on my investment.” – Erikka J 



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