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Our Mission

Founded in 2013 by Brianna ‘BreezyB’ DeMayo, with the guidance of industry veteran, Wendy Day – Exclusive Public is becoming an integral part of indie artist careers. At Exclusive Public, our mission is to provide indie artists with a solid foundation in order to help them achieve their goals of making a living doing what they love. When working with Exclusive Public, you will learn new ways to improve daily, build stronger relationships with your fans, and find your audience growing steadily and organically.

As creatives ourselves, we understand what it feels like to be on stage and in the studio, and unsure about the next steps to take. We’ve all experienced set backs, have had bad management, and have been frustrated with our results at one point, so now we’re here to make sure you don’t make those same mistakes.

What Sets Us Apart

Every artist is different and therefore has different needs and goals, therefore we don’t have cookie-cutter packages. Absolutely everything we do is catered to your specific situation – according to your needs, goals, and budget.

We believe in quality over quantity. We truly enjoy our jobs and we want to work with clients that make music that we enjoy therefore we’re very picky with who we represent and promote. By making our PR services “exclusive” to artists and brands that we truly enjoy, it makes our jobs more fun, which makes us excited to work harder for you, which makes other people excited to hear your music, which ultimately gets more ears to your music and grows your fan base (so better results for you).  We value our relationships and vow to never send them music and content that either doesn’t fit with their outlet or just isn’t up to par in any way. This guarantees better results for our clients.

We only work with a select few clients at a time because we can’t possibly take on a bunch of clients and get serious results. We want to be available to you throughout the campaign. When you work with us, you get our 1 on 1 attention and guidance.

Our Process

To keep it simple, we start by making sure your brand and product make the best first impression, and then we put together a marketing campaign that will get more ears to your music. Every campaign is customized to fit your goals. Whether you just need to spice up your digital presence to be more attractive to fans and press, or maybe you’re gearing up to release a new single or album, and you’re looking for a marketing strategy or even a three-to-six month PR campaign, we can customize a winning plan for you.

A Few Company Highlights

Over the last few years, we have coached and represented over 100 artists from all over the globe. A few of our clients include Grammy award winning Chase N. Cashe (Drake, Beyonce etc.), your favorite rapper’s favorite emcee, Bahahamdia. Plus George Clinton’s (Parliament Funkadelic) granddaughters, Kandy Apple Redd and their label Home Grown Entertainment; New York artist, China Mac and many more! In 2015 we were featured on the Sonicbids panel at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, where we spoke to a room full of 200 artists about how to get booked for shows. Our founder was deemed one of the Top 5 People to Follow On Twitter as well as one of the Top 45 Publicists You Can Hire for Your Next Marketing Campaign.  Our article’s have been featured by ASCAP, Wendy Day, CD Baby, and included in HYPEBOT’s list of top posts of 2015We designed the official tour banner and VIP passes for Dizzy Wright’s “Golden Age Tour”. Our music showcase was featured by Complex to be one of the Top Things To Do On A Summer Night In Philly. Some of your favorite artists and producers have touched our stages (even before you knew about them) and we’ve written (and still write for) some of your favorite blogs.

Long story short, we’ve been working hard, and we can work hard for you too.

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