PR Campaign

PR campaigns are the backbone to every successful music release. We provide custom campaigns to promote your new single, album, EP, or mixtape, based on your specific goals and catered to your budget. We get people talking and help you build solid relationships with your fans. Campaigns offered on a case-by-case basis.


When it comes to getting your music and brand to a wider audience, preparation is half the battle. The more prepared you are, the better results you’ll get. That’s why before we move forward with a full PR campaign, we like to make sure that you have the basics down. From designing your marketing materials to spicing up your bio and making sure you have the day-to-day marketing duties of an artist down pat, we’ll make sure you’re prepared.

Digital Branding and Design

The visuals that are associated with your brand and music play a huge part in how you are perceived by your audience. From logos to website design and merch design, to event flyers and social media graphics, we offer a variety of design services to make sure that you’re making the best first impression.

Strategy and Coaching

We evaluate your current situation and then work hands on with you to create a strategy to help you reach your goals. From release rollouts to hourly coaching sessions, we can give you the clarity you need to take things to another level.