Exclusive Public to work with Sway and Crooked I’s New TV Show “One Shot”

By this time we’re sure you’ve heard of MTV’s Sway (from Sway in the Morning) and Rapper Crooked I’s (now KingCrooked) new television show, “One Shot.” This reality show is having live auditions in 9 different cities across the US with a ton of celebrity judges including TI, DJ Khaled and many others. The show will be aired on national television starting in 2016, and the lucky winner will receive $100,000 and a record deal with SMH Records.

Exclusive Public is excited to help out with digital content on both the Official One Shot Facebook Page, as well as the Instagram account for SMH Record Label. We’ve even been able to contribute to some of their website content, collaborating on articles that teach artists how to go about promoting themselves online.

A special thank you to our good friend Mike Trampe over at MaadManagement.com for making this happen.



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