Option 2

  • 2 month commitment
  • Bi-weekly phone calls to discuss progress, goals, ideas and to answer questions and give you guidance on your strategy and even different decisions that you should make in your career (calls last up to 1 hour each)
  • Monthly Written action plan (customized according to your goals and what we discussed during our first phone call of each month)
  • Unlimited email correspondence (We will respond to your emails within 24 hours on weekdays, however if it’s something that will take longer than 15 minutes to reply to, we will ask that we discuss during one of our bi-weekly consultations)
  • Text/facebook message correspondence (again, if the conversation/answer will take longer than 15 minutes, we will suggest that we discuss via phone)
  • Access to our resources
  • $399/month ($798 total paid in full up front)