“Brianna DeMayo (founder of Exclusive Public) is an integral part to building your career and a great foundation on which to build. She “gets it” in an industry where most do not.” – Wendy Day (@rapcoalition)

“I can go on for hours about how good Breezy (of Exclusive Public) is but if you’re serious about your career and you want to take it to the next level, Exclusive Public is who you want to work with. ” – Phenom (@phenomenalraps)

“I thank you very much for everything, it’s been worth every penny and then some!” – Kuul (@KuulYork)

“Your evaluation of our brand was one of the best things that has happened for us and we would love to continue to work with you.” – Peoti Visions

“I already had the musical talent and the business sense but Exclusive Public really helped me to connect the two. After working with Breezy I was able to apply that knowledge to market my product more effectively. She improved my website, educated me on the power of mailing lists, and gave me a true plug-and-play outline to strategically build excitement about my music to engage and acquire more fans. The free advice she gives on social media was enough to sell me, but becoming a client was a worthy return on my investment.” – Erikka J