So what makes you guys, EXCLUSIVE?

We don’t work with everyone and we definitely will not promote every artist that we come across. Our brand is strong for that reason.

Can you get my music on blogs?

YES. But there are certain requirements that you must have in order for us to promote you. Learn about our requirements here.

Will you manage me?

NO. We are not a management company. However we will work hands on with you to teach you how to manage yourself as well as attract reputable managers. Consider us your “managers for hire.”

Will you listen to my music? Do you take submissions?

YES. We listen to music from all of the artists that we work with. We also give valid feedback and can even help you choose your singles and pick what songs will go on your project. To learn more about our A&R services, click here.

Can you book me for shows?

MAYBE. We are not a booking agency and we do not offer booking as a service, however we are connected with different events and get approached for artists all the time, so if we work with you we may be able to book you for a show.