China Mac (PR Report)

We want to introduce you to China Mac (@ChinaMacMusic). Although it’s widely known that rappers deal with their share of adversity, few in recent years have faced an uphill battle as treacherous as the one China Mac has grappled. Gang-related crimes since childhood, a decade-long prison sentence – yet against all odds, the Chinese-American rapper has become one of the leading hip hop voices in New York City, articulating the truths of today’s urban streets through his lyrical tirades and underdog-inspired witticisms.

We started working with Mac back in December 2015, to develop and execute a campaign for his new video “Going Down” featuring Nas’s artist, Dave East (see the video above). In order to prepare for the campaign, we started by narrowing down his specific goals, then we created a strategy for the rollout of his campaign. The single was officially released on January 13th, 2016 however we started preparing back in December. Before the video came out we made sure that his bio was professionally written and updated, we created his newsletter and got his website up and running. We also helped him develop the content that was used throughout the campaign, starting with the video countdown that started on January 1st. During the campaign we also helped him manage his social media accounts, and in just 1 month he’s gained close to 200 followers on Twitter alone and his mentions rose a whopping 540% (see social analytics below). 

China Mac Dave East Going Down Cover Art (1)

Blog Promo Results

Within the first week of the release of his video, China Mac received over 11,000 views on his video and had over 800 mentions of his name and song on Twitter. The fans received this record very well and so did the blogs. Within the first few days his video was posted to the following outlets:

Daily Dose:
Mass Appeal (Interview):
Jack Thriller:
Respect Mag:
DJ Holiday:
DJ Whoo Kid:
The Hype Mag:
Hip Hop N More:
Social Growth
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