Are You Releasing the Right Songs?

Are you 150% confident in the music you’re releasing?

We’re asking this because…

1. If you’re not 150% confident in your music, others won’t be either.

and 2. The worst thing that you can do is release music that doesn’t represent your best potential.

There’s a difference between an album track and a single. There’s a difference between an album track and a mixtape track. Having a song catalog is a great thing, but really knowing how to utilize it is where the magic happens.

Some songs are really great, however the hook might not be as catchy, or the song itself might not fit with the “perception” that you’re going for. If you’re unsure of what we mean by this, think about the Notorious BIG. If he never released ‘Juicy,’ would we have had the pleasure of hearing ‘Suicidal Thoughts?’ While ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ was definitely one that would be considered a classic, it wouldn’t have been the best choice for a single, like ‘Juicy.’

So how do you know what songs to release? 

There’s no exact science to it. The biggest decision makers are your listeners. Get as much feedback as you can on your records BEFORE you release them online. Play your music for family members and friends (and their friends). Don’t listen to what they say, but pay attention to how they react.

And if you want a professional opinion on your music, let us take a listen.


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