6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Brand More Visible

Your music is good, you’re live show is good, so why is it that you’re not seeing the traction that you want in your career? If you’re having a hard time getting new people to notice and take a listen to your music, there are a few small things that can make a big difference. Here’s a list of 6 things that you can do right now to make you easily searchable, look more professional, and attract new followers and fans:

1. Take Your Profiles Off Private. Being an artist and having a private social profile is one of the biggest contradictions of today. How do you expect a million people to like your photos, follow you, and retweet you if they can’t see your pics or tweets because your profile is private? You either want to be seen, or you don’t. As an artist, you want to be seen right? If there are certain individuals who you do not want lurking around on your Instagram or Twitter page, just block them, it’s that simple!

2. Make sure all of your social networks have the exact same name.  When you’re on stage, would you rather tell the crowd to follow you on Twitter @Best_Rapper784_ or follow you on Twitter @BestRapper? What’s easier to remember? The second option of course. And wouldn’t it be even better if all of your social networks had the same name? That way they can follow you everywhere without you having to tell them a different name for each one. We also suggest that your username is the same as your website domain. For instance, we’re @ExclusivePublic on all social networks.

3. Put up the same profile picture on all of your social networks. Make sure that you’re using a high quality photo (preferably one from a photo shoot or a cool shot taken at one of your shows). You are representing your music, your artistry and your brand. It’s important that you look professional and that you’re easily recognized.

4. Spice up your Twitter bio with something catchy. Whether you add a cool lyric to your bio, or add your own unique tagline, you’ll definitely want your Twitter bio to say something other than indie artist, for bookings contact [email] – BOOOORING! There’s a million indie artists out there with booking info in their bio. What makes you stand out? Show your personality. Make people want to follow! And don’t clutter it up with a million hashtags either.

5. Buy your domain name and put up an official website. When people search for you, what comes up? Can they go online, buy your music, buy a t-shirt and a ticket to your next show? Can they subscribe to your mailing list? Can they even find you at all? Having your own official website makes it much easier to find you online and it’s an amazing way to keep your fans in tune with you and coming back for more. Once you create your website, be sure to add it to your Twitter bio, Facebook page, Instagram Bio, Youtube page, Soundcloud, and any other website that you use for your music.

6. Create a logo that represents your brand. Put this logo on all of your digital marketing materials (your flyers, cd covers, etc.) as well as on your merch. This is completely optional, however you must remember that the more people see something, the more it sticks in their head. If your logo is found on all of your flyers, banners, business cards, album artwork, website, stickers, your merch and everything in between, the more it will get stuck in peoples minds. Take Nike for instance… we bet you just thought about that check mark or their tagline, “just do it.”

Overall you’ll want to remember that most of the time, the simpler the better. The easier you make it for people to find you, the more people will find you. The easier you make it for people to contact you, the better.

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