5 Simple Ways to Sell More Merch

Selling custom merchandise can actually help fund your music career. Everything from t-shirts and hoodies to pins and bags, and everything in between, fans love buying merch.

Here are five ways to sell more merchandise:

1. Set up a merch table at all of your shows. Having a merch table set up right by the stage is a great way to sell merch at your shows. Make sure that you always have someone watching over it when you perform, and make sure that you’re at your merch table after your performance. Also be sure that it’s noticeable; adding some lighting and a display of your products always helps. Make sure to have your pricing big and bold so that people can see it while they browse, and be sure to collect contact info as you make sales. Suggestion: Give people 10% off if they like your fan page on the spot before they purchase.

2. Sell merch on your website. The quickest way to sell merch aside from at your shows is to put a link to your STORE directly on your website. That way, you can just promote the link to your website and the sales will go directly to you. You can even add discount codes for your mailing list or people that attend your shows. I suggest using a plugin called woocommerce (for WordPress users) to sell directly from your website. Or, for an easier option, use bigcartel.com. Link it directly to your website, so when people click on your store, they go directly to your bigcartel page.

3. Send an email to your mailing list. The whole point of having a mailing list is to keep people updated on everything that has to do with you. You should send out an email to your list that lets them know you have merch available (include photos). You can even give them a special discount just for being on your mailing list.

4. Promote your store on social media. Get a cool graphic made that promotes your merch. Post it to Instagram and Facebook. Send out one tweet everyday that lets everyone know that there’s merch available on your website or digital store.

5. Sell merch bundles. You know what’s better than buying a custom t-shirt? Buying a custom t-shirt that comes with your latest album and a sticker. When you pair your music with your merch and offer it at a special price, it entices people to purchase. That way you’re not just making money from your merch, but you’re actually selling your music as well (double winning!).

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