Evaluation + Consultation + Customized Action Plan

This package includes everything in our Evaluation + Consultation package, however it also includes a full 5-8 page written Action Plan that contains all of the details from our consultation, with specific tasks for you to follow and check off as they are completed. Also included in this package are two spreadsheets, one to keep your contacts list organized and the other to help you develop and keep track of your budget. Package Details:

  • 5-8 Page Action Plan that contains the following:
  • Detailed Music Feedback – We give you a report on our first impressions, favorite songs, promotional ideas, critique’s, etc.
  • Your Brand Message – We dig deep into who you are as an artist, what sets you apart, who you can be compared to, how to capitalize off of your best features and make you stand out.
  • Your Target Audience – We narrow down who would appreciate your music the most and discuss ways to reach those people.
  • Social Media Breakdown – We analyze each of your social networks, and give you tips on how to make a better first impression and how to grow your audience on each network.
  • Promo Strategies and Ideas – We discuss your current methods and how to improve them in order to reach more people. This includes how to book more shows, how to get blog and media coverage, how to build your fan base organically and how to build anticipation for your music.
  • Artist Budget Spreadsheet
  • Artist Contacts Spreadsheet