Website Design

Having a website is the start to taking your career to the next level. It represents your professionalism and shows that you mean business. Your website not only makes it easier for people to search for you and press to write about you, but it also allows you to keep your fans updated on new music and performances, and even allows you to collect a database of contacts that you can stay in touch with and ultimately market to. There are endless possibilities that you can achieve by having a website, and we’re here to make sure that your off to the right start. Website can include:

  • Customized Design to match the look and feel of your brand
  • WordPress Platform
  • About Page
  • Music Page
  • Videos Page
  • Photos Page
  • PressPage
  • Blog
  • Tour Date Display
  • Contact Page
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Online Merch Store
  • Digital Music Store
  • Pre-Uploaded With Content
  • Content Share Buttons
  • Hosting
  • Website Maintenance



You will need an electronic press kit (EPK) to send to venues and promoters in order to get booked for shows and other opportunities. We will design your EPK (in .pdf format) to fit with the feel of your brand and make sure that it includes all of the necessary info.

  • BIO/Short Description
  • Show Dates
  • Social Profiles
  • Press
  • High Quality Photos
  • Contact Info


We will craft a professional bio that will highlight your best traits, biggest accomplishments and give information on your latest releases.

  • Long Version (for your website)
  • Short Version (for your Facebook profile, EPK)